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Spaces are limited, and this incredible offer won’t be around forever. Don’t miss out on the chance to reserve your own private beauty suite at our brand-new Ipswich location, complete with a fabulous first month rent-free and more than $2,000 worth of equipment!

Simply click the book now button below, fill in your details, and our friendly team will be there to guide you through the process. We’re all about making our studios work. That way, you can put your energy into the real deal – making your business thrive and grow for as little as $65 per day. 

With Austhetica, it’s a breeze. You can slash those costs and surprise bills without giving up on what you believe in. We’ve made it super easy and budget-friendly to bring your dream start-up to life. Time is ticking, so take action now! 

The Beauty Suite Reservation Offer

Fully-Equipped Beauty Suite:

No need to fret about running out of space or facing those last-minute letdowns. You’ll be right at the front of the line, all set to dive into the lap of luxury. And guess what? Your suite comes packed with essentials like beauty beds, towel warmers, ring lights, comfy saddle stools, handy drawers, and a bunch more. It’s like walking into your dream setup without a worry in the world!

First Month Rent Free:

We understand that starting something new can be both exciting and financially challenging. That’s why we’re sweetening the deal with a special offer for a 6 month lease: we’ll cover your first month’s rent! It’s our way of showing appreciation for your trust and helping you settle in comfortably.

Unmatched Beauty Experience:

Austhetica is known for a stylish environment, modern facilities, and a team of beauty experts who live and breathe making your dreams come true. We’re committed to creating an unforgettable beauty experience for both you and your clients!

Personalized Attention:

At Austhetica, we understand that your beauty journey is unique. That’s why our beauty rooms are designed as private sanctuaries tailored to your individual needs. Relax, unwind, and let your creativity soar as you curate treatments that bring out the natural beauty of your clients and boost their confidence.

A Thriving Community:

Join our vibrant community of beauty enthusiasts, professionals, and trendsetters. Connect, network, and share your passion for all things beauty, fostering relationships that go beyond the treatment room. Collaboration and inspiration await you!

Embark on a Remarkable Journey with Us at Our New Location! 🌟

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It’s more than just a space – it’s a partnership packed with perks. Join us now!

Your first month’s rent is on us, Absolutely FREE!
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