Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

Pricing starts from $60 per day. With the room sizes varying, we highly encourage getting in touch to check on availability. Why not arrange a tour? That way you can meet our team and go over your pricing options.

Is there a bond involved? Do I pay in advance?

As for any lease agreement, there is a bond involved. It is dependent on your lease duration. For example, a three month agreement would require two weeks’ bond, with one week paid in advance. To rent per day, there would be a minimum of two weeks payable.

How does the 1 hour business mentoring work?

At a time that suits you, one hour will be set aside for you to go over any questions you have. Your session covers topics like accounting, business set-up, inventory planning, tax, marketing and system processes. You’ll have the option of either in-person meetings or online meetings via Zoom.

How soon can I start?

You can be operating within three business days of application approval and your signed agreement. We’ll need a meeting with you before you move in, to ensure reception understands your business and how you like things run.

Can I rent it for only a few days a week?

Depending on room availability, this is possible.

Will there be other locations?

Yes – stay tuned!

Can I personalise my space?

We highly encourage you to give the space your own personality with your choice of art and decor.

Can I bring my own products?

Absolutely. We will not dictate what you can and can’t retail.